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22 September 2009 @ 03:53 pm
Yea so it's premiere week. I've pretty much seen previews for everything but the Mentalist... NCIs is up tonight, I really want that show to go back to normal, no more of this overdramatic crap with the characters getting kidnapped and blown up or whatever, they've beaten that shit to a pulp over the last couple seasons. Just get Ziva back and lets go back to solving crimes kthnx.

Also what I saw of CSI is kind of scary because they're like shooting up the lab and if they kill anyone off I will be angry because that show has been bleeding characters the last few years, although it would be weird for them to cut someone out at the beginning of the season like that. Although it looks like it will be a decent opener because 1. Sara is back 2. It looks unintentionally funny, i.e Doc Robbins attacking someone with his canes and Langston being a ninja 3. Nick shooting the crap out of people yay.

aaaand House last night was ok for a little while but by the second hour I was missing Princeton Plainsboro and medical cases and it not being lupus. And his "girlfriend" was annoying and I hope she's gone forever but I know she's not, when they run out of plots halfway through they'll drag her back up. I also think that Wilson and Crazy Manic Roommate need to have an epic battle for position of House's BFF... Wilson would win because he is awesome k.

Alright I'm done with TV crazyness for now
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